The Finnish Real Estate Federation

The Finnish Real Estate Federation (FREF) is the central association for property owners and landlords in Finland. FREF has 24 member associations: 23 of which are local and represent housing companies in different parts of Finland, and one nationwide (The Finnish Landlord Association) which represents private landlords and real-estate investors.

Today there are over 31,000 member-owned properties in Finland, which are home to around 2 million people - around 36 % of the total population.


FREF is consulted directly over draft legislation affecting its members interests. FREF also takes initiatives to change legislation.

Members Services

FREF provides advice on legal, technical, fiscal and economic matters. The most important activities are legal counselling by phone and written statements regarding member issues. Our experts also give lectures concerning various different matters in this field.


FREF has its own research projects and it participates in the management of others. All phases of the building’s lifecycle are taken into account, the aim being to develop systems and practices for use by the members. Another important aspect is collecting and preparing background information for lobbying.


FREF publishes the professional magazine The Finnish Real Estate Journal (in Finnish Suomen Kiinteistölehti) ten times a year, as well as information bulletins, research reports, guides, professional literature and codes of practice.

International lobbying

FREF is a member of the International Union of Property Owners (UIPI). FREF is also a major shareholder in Finnish Real Estate Training Institute (in Finnish Kiinteistöalan Koulutuskeskus), a professional training company providing education and training to managers, and other staff members, in various real estate and maintenance organisations.


The Finnish Real Estate Federation 

Annankatu 24, FIN-00100 Helsinki

tel. +358-9-1667 6761


President Timo Nieminen
Managing Director Harri Hiltunen
Chief Economist Jukka Kero
Head of Legal Jenni Hupli
Director of Communications (Deputy Managing Director) Timo Tossavainen


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